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Welcome to Wilkinson Precast Inc. - Riverside, IA

Wilkinson - Craftsmanship in Precast Concrete Products

Wilkinson Precast Inc. is a family owned business that has been manufacturing quality precast concrete products since 1953. Many of our original structures are still in service. Our Riverside, Iowa plant serves Iowa and the surrounding states. We specialize in quality solutions with concrete products that help the environment. Years of experience in large water, waste and utility structures mean that Wilkinson has built a repertoire of unique solutions to many problems of design. We know and appreciate that our customers depend on our quality service and understanding of their requirements. We are proud to share this knowledge and serve you, our customers, in the best way we can.

Wilkinson’s manufacturing techniques have evolved over the years, but quality of workmanship has remained at the same high standard. All our products are manufactured in compliance with applicable standards. Concrete 5000+ PSI @ 28 days. Reinforcing US certified steel of grade 60. We meet the structural design standards of ASTM. We are Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) certified, meeting or exceeding all applicable specifications. We are able to modify specifications to meet customer’s requirements. IL Approval #ILL 145. 

Our crane trucks deliver and place most of our products that are as follows.

  • Oil/grease interceptors 
  • Two chamber septic tanks from 500 to 10,000 gallons
  • One chamber holding tanks from 270 to 11,300 gallons 
  • Top quality siphon, dosing and pump tanks
  • Manhole
  • Lift stations
  • Box culvert
  • Utility/electrical vaults
  • Well pits
  • Water cisterns
  • Fire and water retention units
  • Hazardous overflow retention vaults
  • Pulling chambers
  • Storm and tornado shelters
  • Equipment shelters
  • Concrete Custom precasting such as wet land intakes


  • Neenah Steel frames and covers
  • Aluminum hatches 
  • Concrete and poly risers
  • All septic field bed pipe and supplies
  • Septic filters
  • Filter fabrics
  • 20 mil liners and 6 mil reinforced liners
  • Approved dealer for SKAT 650 Zabel Systems
  • Approved manufacturer for Orenco Systems
  • Poly tanks
  • Effluent pumps
  • Hi-level warning devices
  • Tank alerts
  • Siphon counters and more


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