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Septic Tanks
270 to 11,300 Gallons
The Wilkinson’s have over 55 years experience manufacturing quality pre-cast concrete products. In 1994, Wilkinson’s started a new facility in Riverside, Iowa, offering the only septic tank in Iowa to meet ASTM structure and design at that time.

  • 3" to 4" thick walls on household tanks. 5" to 6" thickness on large commercial tanks.

  • Side inlet/outlet knock outs. Press Seal boots for inlet/outlet on ends. Custom boot sizes available.

  • Steel 1/2" rebar grade 60 every 9" wraps around corners, plus extra 6x6 mesh in walls.

  • 5000 PSI. High cement content to resist corrosion. 2.5" to 4" slump.

  • Will pass water tight and pressure tests.

  • We carry all your septic field bed supplies. Specializing in the highest quality siphon dosing or pump tanks.

    Water tight one piece design. Our 500, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, are seamless one piece tanks, SEALED AT PLANT. Installed quickly. The partition is monolithically cast right into outer walls and tied together with rebar. These tanks are STRONG. Our high quality forms produce the heaviest tanks on the market; most other manufacturers do not have the crane capacity to meet Wilkinson’s standards. Large tanks are 2500, 3600, 4800, 6000, 10,000gal.
    Ken Wilkinson, owner and manager, was raised in the concrete business.  He worked with the DNR as a concrete and tank design consultant when the Iowa Wastewater codes were upgraded in 1999 with Chapter 69. Specifiers are encouraged to contact Ken to confirm how their requirements can be met with the latest and most efficient product.
    Utility Vaults
    Our Utility Vaults can be built to suit your needs, in sizes up to 13'4" x 13'4" OD, H20 & HS20 Traffic Loading.
    Storm Shelters

    Above ground shed style storm shelters are animal friendly and wheel chair accessible. Furnished in two sizes: Family, 6 to 8 people, 5’ wide, 8.5’ long and 78" high OD, weighs over 11,000 lbs. Group Shelter, 12 people, 8.5’ wide, 12’ long, 88" high OD, weighs over 20,000 lbs. Engineer Certified to withstand 360+ MPH winds. Comes complete with a 4" air vent, access door 3’ wide and constructed from 1/4" plate steel, with stainless steel hardware. Door opens inward to prevent trapping. Custom door sizes made for special orders. The sides and roof of the storm shelter are a continuous, monolithic one piece design.


    The storm shelter may sit on level ground, on a bed of sand or small gravel, or it can be placed in a berm. Wilkinson Precast Inc. suggests that you place a 1’ to 2’ berm around 3 sides of the shelter.
    Storm shelters are usually in stock. Call for current prices. Please feel free to come to our facility to inspect the shelter, or contact us for further information.
    Box Culvert

    Wilkinson Precast Inc offers pre-cast concrete Box Culvert. Along with our manhole, Box Culvert is DOT approved and available from 7’x3’, 6’x4’ up to 12’x12’ ID. Wilkinson Pre-cast is approved by Iowa Department of Transportation, which involves six months of quality control by state inspectors, constant monitoring and the presence of a full time DOT Certified Portland Cement Concrete Plant Technician Level II.

    Oil/Grease/Grit Interceptor
    Separates water by gravity from most insoluble liquids or solids having a specific gravity less than that of water in an economical way to limit oil-containing effluent concentrations to 10 ppm or less. Used to prevent oil wastes from entering the sanitary sewer system where these wastes can not be treated properly. Can be used as a component of a small treatment plant or septic system or before effluent reaches a municipal sewer. For sizing data contact our office. Can be used as a sediment tank in floor drains or at carwashes. Maintenance is the responsibility of the owner.

    Wilkinson Precast Inc. | P.O. Box 388 or  3089 Highway 22 |
    | Riverside, IA   52327 |
    | Ph: (319) 648-2708 |

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